Çınar Aydoğan

Digital Media Strategist / Web Designer / Researcher

Hi, I am Çınar, a researcher and associate lecturer at London Metropolitan University. My expertise spans Marketing, Communication, and Digital Media, integrating insights from Sociology and Social Psychology. My research focus centres on the intersection of digital technology and human behaviour.

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Researching digital spaces and identity.

Cinar’s research investigates issues that transgender people (“trans*”) face in establishing and validating their identity through online disclosure and the impact of social media on the “coming out”-experience of trans* individuals. Technological developments and social media networks connect people and brands in real-time across the globe with a diverse and broad audience. There is not enough research investigating social media’s impact on identity as an ongoing process or constructed/emerged entity. The technological advancements and the provided infrastructure facilitate the integration of our online and offline lives.

On social media, its users are sharing their most private moments not only with their friends and family but also with a worldwide audience. Social media is one way people use to connect with others; it offers a platform to explore LGBTQ+ identity in a “safe space”. This research investigates the participants’ social media usage, use of visible signifiers online and sharing of LGBTQ+-related content created or consumed by them.

Current Publications & Presentations

(Non-)Binarity in Binary Structures – The Digital Communication of Identity and Diversity (November 2023)
Conference / Vienna, Austria

Presenter at the Thematic Panel on (Non)Binaries in Social Media
DigiComm 2023 University of Vienna

A qualitative study examining the effects of transitioning on the sexual experiences of Trans male individuals (2023)
Emma Juul, Samantha Banbury, Amanda Visick, Joanne Lusher, and Cinar Aydogan

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Please note that this website is currently under construction and information about digital services will be added soon.